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Founded in 1972, IACM plays a pivotal role in supporting U.S. and global companies that produce and use color additives. IACM bolsters regulatory compliance and safety while advocating for more global harmonization of approved colors. As a pioneering force in tackling industry obstacles and promoting safety and the only association representing the interests of the global color additives industry, IACM brings many substantial benefits to its member companies.

IACM's Mission

To advance the interests of manufacturers, producers, and users in the color industry by demonstrating the safety of colors and promoting the industry’s economic growth.

Networking & Education

IACM’s opportunities empower color professionals to seek new connections and broaden their understanding of the industry. IACM provides an exceptional space for fostering meaningful industry relationships and expanding knowledge of issues critical to color additives. Members are treated to best-in-class opportunities to strengthen ties and learn from cutting-edge insights at events like the biennial Global Color Conference, member meetings, and exclusive gatherings. IACM’s two principal committees, the Natural Color Committee and the Synthetic Color Committee, not only anchor much of IACM’s work, but provide one-of-a-kind settings for collaboration and networking amongst peers.


IACM is highly regarded for its engagement with regulatory bodies to protect and expand color approvals on a global scale. IACM advocates in opposition to proposals to limit or ban the use of safe color additives and works to promote an understanding of food colors. IACM engages with many government agencies, like USDA, USFDA and EFSA and standard setting bodies, like Codex Alimentarius at the global level for advanced harmonized color provisions, among others. IACM continuously responds to emerging regulatory and legislative issues and upholds a strong reputation with global decision makers.

Expertise & Collaboration

IACM is known for its well-respected expertise on scientific and regulatory issues. In housing the Natural Color Science Advisory Board, regularly providing comments to state and federal regulatory agencies, developing a colors database, conducting safety studies, and leading conversations on color safety at the U.S. and global levels, IACM is refined in its regulatory expertise. Members have the unique opportunity to learn in practice by actively contributing to IACM’s committees, research, and advocacy initiatives, granting professionals firsthand access to work that advance industry interests.

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Active Members

Active Members are companies or individuals who manufacture or market color additives. Active members are asked to pay according to the sales level of their company.

Associate Members

Associate Members are firms and corporations that use color additives in consumer products.

Affiliate Members

Affiliate Members are individuals and companies that, while not actively manufacturing or selling color additives, are engaged in a business in or related to the color additive industry.

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