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Membership in IACM is beneficial for all companies who produce and use color additives in the United States and globally. IACM assists companies with regulatory compliance and safety both in the United States and globally and advocates for increased harmonization of approved colors internationally.

IACM provides it members with many benefits to address current challenges and opportunities to promote the safe use of colors.

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Membership Types

IACM maintains three types of membership categories for companies and individuals involved with the color industry.


The Active Members are companies or individuals who manufacture or market color additives. Active members are asked to pay according to the sales level of their company, using the following definitions of color additive and sales:

Color Additives: Additives used for the addition or restoration of color as defined by Codex Alimentarius and for colors that are included in the General Standard for Food Additives. If the color additive is used in a system (e.g. a coating system containing a lake), the value of the color additive in the system should be included.

Sales: The global sale of color additives as marketed by the corporate entity that is the member of IACM. This definition includes sales of color additives in food, drugs, and cosmetics.


The Associate Members of this Association are firms and corporations who use color additives in consumer products.


The Affiliate Members of this Association are individuals and companies that while not actively manufacturing or selling color additives, are engaged in a business in or related to the color additive industry which the Board of Directors shall determine to be appropriate and of assistance in promoting and carrying out the purposes of the Association.

Membership Application

For more information and to apply for membership in IACM, please contact IACM at [email protected]