BOD & Committees

Board of Directors

Sue Ann McAvoy, Sensient Colors

Tammi Higgins, LycoRed

Bobby Gruber, Vivify

Rohit Tibrewala, ROHA USA, LLC
Alexa Smith, Colorcon
Emina Goodman, ADM
Travis Schmit, PepsiCo

Past presidents from the International Association of Color Manufacturers:

Bobby Gruber - Vivify 2019-2022
David Schoneker - Colorcon 2018-2019
Rohit Tibrewala - ROHA USA, LLC 2016-2018
David Carpenter – Chr. Hansen 2013-2015
Joseph D. Kern – Emerald Hilton Davis, LLC 2010 – 2012
Dennis M. Cummings – Colorcon 2007 – 2009
Carol Locey – Kalsec 2004 – 2006
Robert Huth – Noveon Hilton Davis, Inc. 2002 – 2004
Robert F. Jimerson – Colorcon 1998 – 2001
Jerome W. Kinnison – Warner-Jenkinson Company 1995 – 1997
Thomas D. Boehning – Colorcon 1993 – 1994
From the Certified Color Manufacturers Association:
Kenneth H. Wilkinson – Hilton Davis Company 1990 – 1992
James E. Noonan – Warner-Jenkinson Company 1981 – 1989
Bruce L. Durling – Stange, Inc. 1974 – 1980
James E. Noonan – Warner-Jenkinson Company 1972 – 1973


Through the active engagement of its membership, IACM provides color manufacturers and consumer product companies with the tools they need to address challenges facing the use of colors.

IACM emphasizes activities which could not be effectively accomplished by individual companies. Through a dynamic committee structure, the Association calls upon the extensive experience and expertise of industry members to address a wide variety of matters of interest to the industry.

Natural Color Committee

Chair: Brian Farrell (ADM/Wild)
Vice-Chair: Elijah Church (Doehler)

The Natural Color Committee addresses issues associated with the use of exempt from certification colors, including safety, labeling and adulteration.

The Committee’s Objectives:

  • Protect and expand the current approvals for natural color additives in the US, Europe, Asia and elsewhere.
  • Participate in the development of official and unofficial analytical methods for natural color additives.
  • Create and maintain public information and awareness of all aspects of natural color additives

Synthetic Color Committee

Chair: Katie Vass (Colorcon)
Vice-Chair: Penny Martin (Mars)

The Synthetic Color Committee addresses issues associated with the use of certified colors including safety, labeling and allowable limits. The Committee’s Objectives:

  • To protect and expand the worldwide use of synthetic colors.
  • To serve as a trusted resource to interact with regulatory bodies and global organizations on issues related to the acceptance status and specifications for synthetic colors.
  • To advocate for global harmonization of standards, regulations, and testing protocols.
  • To monitor scientific literature and mainstream media for new information on or questions about the safety of synthetic colors and respond in accordance with IACM’s Media Relations policy.
  • To review and assess existing safety information on synthetic colors and conduct scientifically robust studies to ensure their safety when necessary.
  • To maintain a relationship with the FDA Certified Color Lab, to include monitoring of its activities and finances.