Natural Colors at IFT

Deepti Dabas and Diego Darquea represented IACM at IFT19 during a session entitled Natural Colors: Opportunities for Innovation. Their presentations addressed how consumer demand for natural colors face global regulatory challenges, with a focus on opportunities for new natural red colors, including case studies offering improved stability in applications.

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What are Colors?

Technically, color additives are any dye, pigment or substance that can impart color when added or applied to a food, drug, cosmetic or to the human body.

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News Update

IACM Provides Comments to Philippines WTO Notification on Registration of Lakes

Please find linked below IACM submitted comments to the recent WTO notification from the Philippines FDA, in which a draft guidelines on the registration of food products, including raw materials and food ingredients, containing aluminum lake colors, and as such…

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Fruit Juice and Vegetable Juice as Color Additives in Food: An Industry Whitepaper

IACM has finalized an industry whitepaper addressing appropriate defining characteristics and processing techniques for fruit and vegetable juices used as color additives in food. Industry Whitepaper (Members Only Whitepaper)

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