IACM at IFT 2021

IACM is sponsoring an on-demand session at IFT 2021, “Exploring the Use of Natural Colors to Meet Consumer Expectations.”

IACM members will also participate in the LIVE session on Tuesday, July 20 at 2:30 PM CST entitled “How do bio-manufactured ingredients nutritionally and functionally compare to naturally occurring ingredients?

The on-demand session will highlight the latest innovations in natural color technology solutions in applications including cupcakes, crackers and tortillas, and plant-based meat alternatives.

Consumers increasingly express a desire for products that feature sustainable, plant-based, organic, and natural ingredients but still expect their foods to be visually appealing and offer the same vibrant colors of those made with synthetically derived alternatives.

Our speakers will show how it is possible for manufacturers to use currently approved U.S. exempt colors, such as paprika and carotenoids, to meet requests for naturally derived color solutions to create the desired intensities and hues.

Food and beverage manufacturers operate in the global marketplace and this session features technologies and innovations already underway to identify suitable natural color solutions for the US and beyond.

The live session will bring together diverse voices and perspectives from select on-demand presentations to outline challenges and opportunities for how to address the question, following by an extended Q&A period where attendees will have the opportunity to engage with presenters and other attendees.