Jagua Blue


Jagua (Genipin-Glycine) Blue
CAS No. 1314879-21-4
INS No. 183

Physical Description

Jagua blue is a water-soluble blue colorant. It is obtained by reacting genipin, present in the extract of unripe Genipa americana Linne (Rubiaceae) fruit, with stoichiometric equivalents of glycine. The main colouring component in Jagua blue is the genipinglycine polymer. Additionally, low-molecular-weight components, specifically three genipin-glycine dimers, which are also blue, are present at low levels.



Regulatory Approvals

JECFA: ADI of 0-11 mg/kg bw/day (89th meeting, 2020)

Safety Reviews

Safety evaluation of certain food additives (Eighty-ninth report of the Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives) WHO food additives series No. 80, 2022. Available online