IACM Comments

May 9, 2011

Comments Submitted to Customs Union proposed warning labeling of specific colors in food products IACM expressed concerns related to the draft regulation that includes a warning labeling requirement for color additives azorubine E122, yellow quinolinic E104, yellow “sundawn” FCF E110, red charming AC E129, ponseau 4R E124 and tartazine in food products. Read IACM’s comments.

IACM Comments

April 22, 2011

Comments Submitted to Korea FDA on Proposed limitations on use of color additives in pharmaceutical products IACM expressed concerns on the draft proposal related to a limitation of 0.1% on the use of a number of specific color additives in pharmaceutical and supplement products. Read IACM’s comments

FDA Advisory Committee Finds No Causal Relationship Between Color Additives and Hyperactive Behavior

March 31, 2011

The FDA Advisory Committee concluded, based on available evidence, that there is no established causal relationship between the intake of color additives and hyperactivity in children. The Committee voted against recommending additional labeling beyond the name of the color. They agreed that additional studies are warranted. Read IACM’s comments.

IACM Reaffirms Safety of Food Dyes

June 29, 2010

IACM standby statement confirming the safety of color additives and reassuring consumers that food dyes are well-tested. Standby Statement

IACM Comments

April 29, 2010

Comments to Health Canada Proposal to Improve Food Color Labeling Requirements IACM expressed support for the Health Canada proposal, with the exception to the reference of annatto. Read IACM Comments

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