IACM at AOAC International

IACM staff and members are participating in a session chaired by Dr. Bhakti Harp of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration at the upcoming AOAC International 2017 meeting. The session will be Monday, September 25 at 3:30 pm and the Conference is in Atlanta, GA. More information about the Conference is available here.

The session is entitled Challenges in the Shift to Color Additives from Natural Sources: Regulation and Chemistry, and the speakers and topics are:

  • George Pugh, The Coca-Cola Company, Naturally Sourced Colors: Proactive Strategies to Support their Safety
  • Carol Locey, Kalsec, Advances in Natural Red Colors from Beets
  • Monica Giusti, The Ohio State University, The Chemistry of Anthocyanins: Diverse Structures for a Colorful World
  • Maria Bastaki, IACM, Safety Data Requirements for Color Additives from Natural Sources

Additionally, there will be an AOAC Color Community meeting held immediately following the session. This community is being established to explore common issues and concerns with analytical procedures, with the goal to sponsor or contribute to method development and requirements for colors.